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A New Way of Work: How to Spot a Company Who Values Your Wellness

Dec 21, 2022 06:54 PM

We live in a changed world still navigating the ripple effects of a pandemic that asked us to reconsider our relationship with work, our boundaries, expectations, and our physical and mental health. The past few years have been evolutionary for employers.

Companies who want to hire and retain talent now have to meet talent where it's at and we're all looking for, well, (much) more than we were initially. Supporting the wellness of employees is not just about a benefits program but a deeper understanding of the new way of work.

Here are some things to look for in an employer when seeking out a company that supports wellness initiatives and 'the new way of work':

  • Comprehensive benefits packages that include mental health benefits
  • A four-day work week
  • Well-being goals created alongside your work goals
  • Flexible and remote work environments
  • Results-only work environments
  • On or off-site wellness events
  • Two-way communication

These are just some of the things you can do research on, ask about, and seek when on the job hunt. Work environments that have adapted to provide flexibility and greater levels of care have higher employee satisfaction, retention, and results. Not bad, right (eh)!?