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So, You Want to be an Urban Planner?

Apr 25, 2022 02:56 PM
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What is an Urban Planner?

Urban planners work with developers and their communities to realize development proposals while solving social, economic, and environmental issues.

As an Urban Planner You Will:

  • Plan and design transportation infrastructure policy
  • Undertake planning and engineering work
  • Communicate with lawyers, architects, finance, and risk people (to name a few)
  • Coordinate with local governments
  • Create and interpret maps and diagrams
  • Recommend and approve or deny proposals 

What Education Do Urban Planners Typically Have?

To be an Urban Planner you need a master's degree in Urban Planning but Urban Design or Geography is also applicable. In pursuit of a master's program you can start by graduating with a Bachelor's degree in economics, geography, political science, or environmental design.

What Essential Skills Should Urban Planners Have?

  • research 
  • writing
  • analysis
  • communications
  • sales/outreach
  • creativity
  • interpersonal skills

What Industries Hire Urban Planners?

  • Government
  • Higher education
  • Real estate developers
  • nonprofits
  • landscape architecture and planning firms

What is a Typical Urban Planner Salary?

The salary range for an Urban Planner is $70, 135 - $111,000 and the median salary for this role is $90,000 per year ($46.15 hourly).