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Rage Applying - Trend, Fad, or Here to Stay?

Jan 19, 2023 06:37 PM
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People are in search of better wages and work environments, always, this is not news. Our modern everyday is a sundae of possibility, complete with, cherry on the top: zero options shortages. What we do with what we know is up to us. It's no surprise then, that we're seeing worldwide attention to the concept of what is collectively now coined "rage applying".

This term means taking out frustration on your boss(es) or the company who employs you, by applying to as many jobs as possible so that you get hired, offered more compensation, and utilize your "sought-afterness" as leverage to get more value out of where you are OR abruptly leave (cue dramatic exit music). It's the opposite of quiet quitting, but more often than not the loudest in the room is the most insecure.

This proactive, some call aggressive, approach to job seeking through mass-and-fast applications to roles is also due to reasons outside office politics. With the economy at a possible tipping point, scales arguably leaning toward recession (maybe) people are in-pursuit of higher (paying)  safer ground. To say our environment these past few years and what's ahead feel unpredictable is just an honest observation at this point. And, when people feel change afoot they get, for lack of better word, "squirrely" (relating to characteristics of a squirrel, restless, unusually active, eccentric, nutty).

The nuanced combination of factors contributing to rage applications considers the volatility of our times and what's come of it. By virtue of being a human in the workforce, more considerations are now at play and we're all grappling post-pandemic consciousness, post-pandemic merging of life and work, a search for purpose and meaning in what we do, how we do, and who we do it for,  employment gaps due to the mass resignation, and a refusal to continue to be overpassed for promotions, raises, or recognition for what we contribute. 

With a slew of employees, worldwide, now also candidates eager to "jump ship" with fewer hesitations, a wider net, and high-visibility social networks and platforms supporting vocalization and mobilization of the rage applying craze, we're in a critical moment.Rage applying has resulted in testimonies of applicants quickly landing roles resulting in $30,000* pay increases but what was lost in the process? Time will tell if rage applying continues to catch on with TikTok's 800 million plus monthly users or it's simply a fad like quiet quitting or "acting your wage". What we do know is that knee-jerk reactions usually realize into decisions we regret. 

 *‘Rage-applying’ is the new ‘quiet quitting,’ and it’s helping Gen Z and millennials land $30,000 raises (