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Meet Eileen Nugraha, York University Student + New Member of our OCC Content Team!

Hi there, welcome to Outcome Campus Connect, and thank you for stumbling across my introduction!

I’m Eileen, a fourth-year student at York University, currently studying English and Philosophy—a weird combination, I know, but not as weird as you think. Philosophy has a lot in common with many areas of study and it has enhanced my learning—but that’s a story for another time.

I’m a new content writer here at Outcome Campus Connect, and so excited to start this position. Ever since I remember, I’ve always had a passion for writing, creating content, and engaging with various communities on social media. In the beginning, I started with a small Instagram account dedicated to book reviews and now I help run social media channels for school and work. One of my favourite aspects of content creation is how creative you can be—the sky’s the limit, and I love exploring new avenues of creativity. I’m so excited to work with Outcome Campus Connect to continue my journey in learning more about content creation.

Please keep your eyes out for my future blog posts, and I hope what I write and produce 'connects'!