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Ten Signs You've Landed in The Right Career

Dec 21, 2021 08:36 PM
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The path to success is subjective. Many different drivers excite people on their career journeys, and while money is a basic need and motivator, it is not the root of long-term career motivation or personal success. Recent studies show that employees seek community, cause, and career (autonomy and purpose) when pursuing fulfilling careers.


But how do you know that you've landed the right role for you?


Here are ten signs:


1) The Sunday Blues are gone - Those feelings of anxiety about the week ahead are sure to disappear when you've found the right fit. You might even start looking forward to Monday!


2) You're always learning - Just like any relationship in life, the right role will make you feel like you're constantly learning, growing, and expanding to reach higher states of purpose and goals


3) You like the people you work with - They say there's 'no I in team'. So, it's essential to enjoy the people you work with when it comes to your day-to-day. If you're in a role where you appreciate those around you, you're on the right path.


4) You can be yourself at work - It's important to feel like you can bring your whole self to work, and feeling this way reflects a workplace culture that is conducive to you long-term. 


5) Your To-Do list feels exciting - When your To-Do list feels less like a Have To-Do list, you're enjoying the work, and experiencing joy in what you do is fundamental to your long-term success in any role!


6) Your ideas are making a difference - If you don't feel like your ideas are being fully heard and you don't feel fully seen by leadership at your company, then chances are it isn't right. If you think your ideas are respected, digested, and utilized for the evolution of the business, you're definitely in the right spot.


7) There's room to grow - No one wants to stay somewhere that they can only make lateral moves. So, if you feel your career is moving side-to-side instead of 'on-up' then it's probably time to 'move out'!


8) You can have bad days - A big part of a positive workplace culture is fostering an environment where you can be honest about needing a day or taking time to focus on yourself outside of work. If you feel your role allows you to be human and go through the ups and downs alongside it, you're in the right place.


9) The company is investing in you - Not just your pay but building your skillset. If within your role you are offered chances to take courses or go to retreats to advance how you do, what you do, then you've landed in a great place career-wise.


10) You feel you're being paid what you're worth - Not just getting paid what you are worth now, but you see it only growing in response to your skillset and experience expanding. Money, after all, is fundamental to why we work despite the mentioned reasons for keeping us motivated and thriving in our own minds