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The Prosperity Project, By: Eileen Nugraha 

The Prosperity Project is a registered charity created to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on Canadian women and girls. Led by a group of more than 60 trailblazing women leaders, the project strives to explicitly link women and prosperity by underscoring the economic importance of gender equality. To achieve this goal, The Prosperity Project has launched five initiatives, one of which is the Modern-Day Rosie the Riveter-Inspired Initiative.  

I sat down with Amadea Gareau, Rosie Initiative Program Manager at The Prosperity Project, to talk more about the Rosie Initiative and the upcoming internship opportunity for a co-op student this fall 2022. Keep reading to learn more about The Prosperity Project and what students can expect for this internship role.

What is the Rosie Initiative?  

The Rosie Initiative was inspired by the iconic figure of Rosie the Riveter during World War II. Rosie’s , “We Can Do It!” rally call made her a powerful symbol for  women’s independence. Today, the Rosie Initiative continues to encourage women and girls to rejoin or stay in the workforce and contribute to the Canadian economy.

The Initiative’s vision is to increase women’s labour force participation and the number of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), skilled trades and leadership roles. Since women are typically under-represented in these areas, the Rosie Initiative wants to ensure that women and girls can have access to the role models and mentors they need to succeed in these careers.  

What are some programs established under the Rosie Initiative?  

Currently, the Rosie Initiative has two mentoring programs available for women in STEM, skilled trades, and leadership: the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program and the Rosie Peer Group Mentoring Program.  

The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program pairs protégées with mentors for a six-month period. Mentors guide and assist protégées one-on-one as they work towards their personal and professional development goals and help them create a strategic path to reach them.

The program is now accepting applications for their 5th cohort, which will begin at the end of July. You can find more information about the program and apply here:

The Rosie Peer Group Mentoring Program provides women the opportunity to join a diverse and influential community of like-minded women who are interested in skills development and broadening their personal and professional networks. The peer groups offer a supportive and developmental environment where participants can share their work/life experiences, participate in insightful discussions, and seek guidance. Two peer groups will be launched at the end of May. You can learn more about the program here:

About the Rosie Intern Role 

The Prosperity Project is looking for a Rosie Intern for the fall 2022 term. This intern will work with Amadea Gareau for a four-month work term.  

What are some of the expected day-to-day responsibilities?  

Some of the intern’s daily tasks will include planning, developing, and organizing online events such as workshops and information sessions, etc.  

The Rosie Intern will also work with the marketing and communications team to create social media campaigns, graphics, promotions and help develop strategies for the Rosie Initiative. A key element of this role is to create relationships with external stakeholders, assist with outreach and create various communications and marketing materials to reach various demographics.

Furthermore, the intern will have the unique opportunity to work with the Initiative’s co-chairs, The Prosperity Project’s Founding Visionaries and Visionaries as well as other women in the community.

What is the company culture like at The Prosperity Project?  

A total of 5 interns (including the one Rosie intern) will work with a small team of passionate, hardworking women dedicated to ensuring Canadian women and girls are supported through the pandemic and beyond. It is a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone works hand in hand towards a mutual goal.

What is some advice for students applying for the Rosie Intern role?  

Show us that you are passionate about what The Prosperity Project is doing and that you can help us further our mission. We are looking for applicants who are not afraid of hard work and are eager to learn. Attention to detail, strong written and verbal communication skills and an open mind are essential to fully succeed in this role.

Applications for the Rosie Intern role are now open.  Please submit your résumé  and cover letter to Amadea Gareau by email to before  May 27. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because, when women succeed, we all prosper.