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A Look at Life as an Entrepreneur with Mateo Yanzza, By: Ariana Calvachi

A 23-year-old from Ecuador, gives us an insight on what it is like to be an entrepreneur of his own business, not only allows him to follow his dreams but finance his lifestyle.                                             

Life doesn't need to be linear; especially when it comes to finding your passions. There has always been a societal stigma that pressures young individuals to decide their future early. Discovering what works for you should not be, and isn’t, a straight-forward process. It’s not about graduating from school, going to university, then doing a Masters or getting a job. At some point in life, it becomes clear that it’s important to pursue your dreams.  

This is what Mateo Yanzza did and, for him, living your dreams means “nothing risked, nothing gained”. 

Yanzza had always dreamed of being his own boss. The freedom that comes with owning a business is liberating. Yanzza’s vision took him to make his dream a reality, as the founder and managing partner of his own business (Pragmatic).  

Where did you study and what field did you choose?  

I studied at the University of “Los Hemisferios” for 2 and a half years. There, I pursued business management. and discovered my passion was not being part of a company as a worker but to run my business plans.  

Did you graduate from college? Why or why not?  

No. After my 5th semester, I started to observe the world around me differently. Building my businesses from the ground-up was arduous work. I made the choice to leave my studies on hold to dedicate 100% of my time to my business projects to see where it would take me.  

Are you planning on graduating from college?  

Yes. I think that maybe next semester or in a year I will enroll back in school and finish. Even if I do run my business now, I also believe in the importance of a degree.  

When did you start your business?  

I started my business when I was 19 years old, everything came from the need to be independent. For my first idea, I wanted to saw an opportunity in the lack of motivation people feel getting up in the morning to go to the gym – that's why I founded Pragmatic.  

How did you manage to fund the beginning of the build-up of the company?  

I’ve always been big on saving money. Finally, when it was the right time, I invested my savings on the idea of the company and everything that entails.  

What’s the name of the company?  

The main company is called Global Enterprise, which is divided into 4 businesses: an insurance broker, a recycling project, Pragmatic, and a marketing agency. 

Global Insurance guarantees benefits to the client through micro insurances that allow low income-people access to a variety of areas, like health insurance.  

The first model of the recycling project will take place in Pimampiro, a city in Ecuador. There, our company will recollect all the waste, recycle it, and turn most waste into eco-friendly fuel.  

Pragmatic is a business focused on selling machines for home workouts. This allows people to be healthy from the comfort of their own homes.  

The Marketing Agency manages Global Enterprise’s branding and content. Also, it associates with other businesses and companies by offering their services to manage their social impact.  

What is the focus of Global Enterprises?  

All these businesses focus on benefiting and improving the quality of life of the public nationwide.  

How much time do you dedicate to the business?  

I believe that building a brand and building credibility can’t happen overnight. It takes time to build a company from scratch and it does require full dedication, management, and hard work.  

Do you have partnerships?  

Yes, now we have a few with some companies that provide benefits for us and for them. I believe it is important to build credibility through partnerships with various companies, businesses and people that will make the public more engaged with our company.  Little by little we want to expand our brand and reach more and more audiences through connections.  

Do you consider yourself as independent?  

Yes. I moved out of my parent’s house and have been living with a roommate for quite some time. I’m the one in charge of my own bills, so that’s why knowing how to manage your money is extremely important.  

How did you gain so much experience on how to manage a business?  

Most of my learning was during the five semesters of the degree. I believe that self-education is a key addition, that’s why I’m always reading, learning and improving my skills.  

Did you have a previous job before starting your business? 

I became part of the labor force at the age of 17. Before starting my business, I worked in three different places, they all helped me to build the foundations of business management. 

What is the thing you like most about having your own business?  

I believe that the thing I like most is the freedom that comes with it. There are so many benefits to this, for example I get to schedule and manage my own time. Having a business is consuming, yet it feels so rewarding to have something of your own.