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Pronouns Are Important, Here's Why

Nov 11, 2022 03:56 PM
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It is our human right to identify our pronouns and to inform others to refer to us by the pronoun(s) we identify with. It is common for pronouns to be referred to as 'preferred pronouns', but this language is lacking - we don't choose our identities just like we don't choose our height. The use of pronouns in our self-identification and communications is not just a form of respect and inclusion but a way to systemically support the human rights of your peers, friends, and yourself.

To help you understand more about the importance of pronouns and why using pronouns and other words matters, we've compiled a few resources:

"Why Pronouns Matter, Here's What You Can Do to Help People Feel Seen, Heard, and Respected. Learn Why Using Pronouns & Other Words is Important", Cambridge Health Alliance, Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital

"Why Pronouns Use Matters, Using People's Preferred Pronouns is a Harm-Reduction Method", By: Ariane Resnick, CNC, VeryWell Mind

"Pronouns 101: Why They Matter and What to Do (and Not to Do) if You Misgender Someone", By: Kay Martinez,

"Why You Should Be Identifying Gender Pronouns in Your Company, and How to Get Started", By: Juliette Baxter, Globe & Mail

If you haven't yet updated your pronouns digitally, through communications, or tried introducing your prounons in-person, here are a few places you can try:

  • your email signature
  • your name tag
  • your social media bio
  • your Zoom name
  • verbally (during introductions or conversations)

Today is as good a day as any! Happy Fri(yay).