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Top 5 Minors to Accelerate Your Career, By Courtney Crites

Aug 11, 2023 02:59 PM
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Have you ever caught yourself wondering if those “minor” things in life actually make a major difference? Well, turns out, picking the ‘right’ minor during your post-secondary journey can be an unexpected power-up for your career (speaking from experience). While your major provides a strong foundation, complementing it with a strategically chosen minor can give you a significant edge in your post-grad journey. 

Let’s dive in to the top five minors that can help you level up your career game and bridge the gap between your major and the practical knowledge employers are seeking:

Minor in Psychology for Marketing Majors: Marketing is all about understanding consumer behaviour and creating effective campaigns. A minor in psychology can equip marketing majors with valuable insights into human motivation, decision-making, and emotional triggers. This knowledge can help you craft more persuasive marketing strategies, optimize user experiences, and tailor your messaging to really resonate with your target audience.  

Minor in Business for Engineering Majors: Engineers possess strong technical skills, but integrating practical business skills can set you apart. A minor in business can provide you with knowledge in areas such as project management, budgeting, and entrepreneurship. This combination enables you to not only design innovative solutions but also understand their market viability, manage resources effectively, and even launch your own engineering-focused business venture. 

Minor in Economics for Business Majors: The quantitative skills and problem-solving abilities honed through an economics minor provide a versatile foundation that is applicable across numerous industries, offering you a valuable edge in the dynamic business world. It sharpens analytical thinking and data interpretation, enabling you to make informed decisions in competitive markets. With a solid grasp of economic concepts, such as supply and demand dynamics, pricing strategies, and market trends, individuals are better equipped for roles in financial analysis, strategic planning, and operations management. 

Minor in Computer Science for Graphic Design Majors: If you’re passionate about graphic design, complementing your major with a minor in computer science can open up a variety of opportunities. A minor in computer science can equip you with programming skills, web development knowledge, and an understanding of user experience design. This combination can make you a well-rounded designer who can effectively translate creative concepts into practical and user-friendly digital designs. 

Minor in Environmental Studies for Public Policy Majors: For students majoring in public policy or political science, a minor in environmental studies can be highly beneficial. As sustainability and environmental concerns become increasingly important in policy-making and governance, having a background in environmental studies can give you a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding sustainability issues. It will enable you to propose practical and sustainable solutions that align with environmental goals. 

Final Thoughts: By strategically choosing a minor that complements your major, you can enhance your career prospects and stand out in a competitive job market (for example, I was a marketing/business major and I minored in Innovation because that made the most sense for me). Remember, the examples highlighted here are just a starting point, and demonstrate how diverse disciplines can intersect to create the well-rounded skill sets that employers value. 

Good luck as you choose your minor, and remember that while they don’t make or break your degree or career prospects post-grad, they can definitely enhance your knowledge and the opportunities available to you!