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Travel While Working or Work While Travelling

May 22, 2022 03:11 PM
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Did you ‘catch the travel bug’ for good? You’re not alone and you don’t have to give it up. If a life of travel is a way of life for you then it’s time to consider a career in travel. Now, post-pre-whatever part we’re in, globally, pandemic-wise there are so many career options to consider because not only are their roles that require and empower travel but remote means the geographic point where you work is changeable.

This said, here are a few career choices that will support you to travel, while working - or work while travelling!

  • Tour Guide: As a tour guide you lead groups who have paid the business you work for (or you) through various regions, ensuring the safety and overall experience of customers is fulfilled. This role means you’re always learning, immersing yourself in various cultures, perhaps acquiring new language skills, and adventuring.

           - Companies to consider: G Adventures. Butterfield & Robinson

  • Retail Buyer: As a retail buyer you are responsible for planning, budgeting, managing, sourcing, testing, and sourcing the products or apparel items that a company sells and a big part of this means visiting suppliers internationally or ‘sourcing’ the right items to maintain and expand sales.

           - Companies to consider: Aritzia, Zara, Hudson’s Bay Indigo

  • Virtual Assistant: As a virtual assistant you are available to support customers, remotely, through their virtual assistant offerings - like pop-up chat, or ‘support’ channels online.

           - Companies to consider: Most businesses have virtual chat, so the world ‘is your oyster’ on this one.

  • Consultant: Consultant work for companies to analyze their current conditions, frameworks, offerings, messaging, and workplace cultures, even, to recommend informed approaches at betterment. Consultants can be ‘business consultants’, ‘marketing consultants’, ‘strategists’, or ‘financial consultants’ for example.

          - Companies to consider: Bain & Company, Mckinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, Publicis

  • International Aid Worker: As an international aid worker you improve the conditions of a region and the community in it by supporting those in need – in particular, in the developing world. This can involve responding to emergency situations, like disasters, war, or flooding, and the aim is to help others.

          - Companies to consider: Oxfam international, Canadian Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders 

  • Engineer: An engineer uses knowledge of math, science, and design to build and test various structures. This role means budgeting, planning and approving design specifications, creating and using detailed drawings, and more. As an engineer you may choose to work in civil, mechanical, chemical, or industrial arenas, for example. This role comes with a great deal of responsibility. You don’t wear ‘the iron ring’ without recognizing that what you build must uphold those who use it and protect them!

           - Companies to consider: Aecon Corporation, EllisDon

  • Athletic Recruiter: The name says it all. As an athletic recruiter you are responsible for keeping tabs on who is up and coming from university leagues or opposing teams and working to assess the success, cost/budgeting, and ways to acquire their athletic skills for your team.

          - Companies to consider: NCSA Sports, individual sports teams

The above are more out of the box examples of the types of roles that undoubtedly require travel, we didn't even include the obvious like: working for an airline, travel advisory, ESL (English as a Second Language) Instruction, working on a cruise ship, travel photography/writing/journalism, content curation, and so on.

As mentioned, today so many companies are unconcerned with where you live when you work and more concerned with how you contribute to their teams and growth - the skills you bring. Gaining experience in your hopeful fields always lays the foundation for 'take off' no matter what path you choose.