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Are you Better Suited for Remote, Hybrid, or In Office Work?, By: Courtney Crites

I feel like we can probably all agree that the pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. 

In almost all professions, there was a belief that the only way to be productive at work was to have a traditionally enforced 9-5 schedule, working in the office. As we know, Covid-19 forced many companies to transition to remote work, and for many, the outcome was surprisingly positive. The majority of employees adapted well, and some even saw increases to productivity! 

Companies that used to function completely in person may now allow for hybrid or remote work, enabling employees to work whichever way they prefer, to focus on personal responsibilities, and to achieve better work-life balance (who doesn’t want that?!)

As you approach post-grad life, it might be beneficial to determine which option (in office, remote, or hybrid) is best suited to both your professional and personal life. 


The personality type that is most likely to thrive most in an in-person environment is ‘extrovert’

This type of work might be best suited to you if: 

  • You rely on social interactions in your day-to-day life
  • You work well in groups, or if the nature of your work is highly collaborative
  • You value the company and support of your coworkers 
  • You prefer to follow a consistent routine and value getting ready, leaving the house, and commuting to work 
  • You like to “leave work at the office” at the end of the day
  • You struggle to feel productive at home  


If you are an introvert, it’s probably safe to say that you saw the pandemic as a blessing in disguise as far as working from home goes. Pre-Covid, it was quite rare to find a remote work opportunity. 

You might be more suited to remote work if: 

  • You find the office distracting
  • You rely heavily on downtime and alone time 
  • You prefer to work independently and prefer the safe and comforting atmosphere of your home 
  • Your daily household/family responsibilities make work flexibility a priority 
  • You want to add time back into your day by avoiding a commute 


The personality types that are likely to perform best in a hybrid environment are anyone who considers themselves to be in-between the spectrum of an introvert or extrovert. Introverted extroverts are those that prefer to be around people, but also need a little downtime (to charge ‘the social battery’). Extroverted introverts are those that rely heavily on downtime, but also enjoy socializing. A hybrid work environment will give individuals with these personalities the types of both the human interaction and alone time they need to be most productive. 

You might opt for a hybrid work style if: 

  • You like to be able to schedule your work around your personal schedule 
  • Going back and forth between the office and home adds variety to your work life (change of scenery can be really helpful!)
  • You prefer to work in the environment that best suits your mood and the type of work you’re doing that day 
  • You value both collaboration with coworkers and independent work 

Which work option is best suited to you? 

Take this quiz.

My results: Remote! I answered yes 10 times! 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, each work style comes down to each person’s personality and their preferences. 

There could be introverts that love working in the office and extroverts that prefer to work from home. 

If you have the option to choose your work environment, always choose which feels most productive and comfortable to you!