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The Ten Most In-Demand Work From Home Roles Across Canada This Summer

Mar 31, 2023 12:46 AM
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Some jobs require a lot of patience and people skills, which might not suit everyone. Undoubtedly, if you fall into this category there are huge benefits from a work-from-home role and many companies across Canada are currently seeking to fill roles that require very little in-person interaction.  

The top in-demand work from home jobs in Canada this summer, according to current trends and job listings, are: 

  • Content writer: With the increasing need for digital content, the demand for content writers who can create engaging and informative content for websites, blogs, and social media platforms is high. Canadian News Media  and Hive Media are currently seeking online content writers to join their teams through OCC. 
  • Online tutor: With the rise of remote learning due to the pandemic, the demand for online tutors who can provide academic or language support to students remotely is increasing. Liberty Tutoring is currently hiring online tutors to join their team, through OCC. 
  • Web developer: With the growing need for businesses to have a strong online presence, the demand for web developers who can design and develop websites and web applications is high. CAE Inc is currently seeking to hire a full-stack developer to join their team in a (hybrid) work environment – check out the role on OCC. 
  • Virtual assistant: As businesses continue to adapt to remote work environments, the demand for virtual assistants who can provide administrative support remotely is increasing. The Whispering Song School of Medicine is currently seeking to add an Administrative Assistant to their growing team, find the job on OCC. 
  • Graphic designer: With the need for visually appealing and effective digital content, the demand for graphic designers who can create logos, infographics, and other visual designs for websites and social media platforms is high. AdHome Creative is looking for a graphic designer to join their team through OCC. 
  • Social media manager: With the importance of social media for businesses and organizations, the demand for social media managers who can create and manage social media content is increasing. Western University is seeking a Library Ambassador, Social Media, through OCC. This role requires once a week meetings in-person. 
  • Data entry specialist: With the need for accurate and up-to-date data management, the demand for data entry specialists who can enter and manage data into computer systems or databases is high. 
  • Online marketer: With the shift to digital marketing, the demand for online marketers who can create and manage digital marketing campaigns for businesses or organizations is increasing. 
  • Online Customer Service/Sales representative: With the shift to online shopping, the demand for customer service and sales representatives who can support product sales and services, remotely, is very high 

It's important to note that the demand for certain work from home may vary depending on the industry and company. These are just a few examples we found that we hope will guide you in your search for your next role.