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CareerTok: A Reflection on TikTok’s Advice and Landing Job Opportunities on OCC, By: Courtney Crites

Over the last few years, TikTok has quickly become so much more than an app for dances and funny videos. Today, for some users, the platform is a hub for a ton of advice for all things career. #CareerTok currently has over 1.5 billion views, with content talking about everything from interview tips, ways to spice up your cover letter, how to negotiate your salary, entering the workplace as a young person, and more. 

As a frequent #CareerTok follower myself, I’ve come across some great advice. Let’s break it down so you can use it to hopefully land yourself a job on Outcome Campus Connect (OCC). 

Some Helpful Advice:

“I’m Just Following Up” 

Leadership and career coach, Mari Carmen Pizarro, stresses the importance of avoiding phrases like "I'm just following up" when communicating with potential employers. By using such phrases, you unintentionally diminish your authority and give the impression that your relationship is based solely on someone meeting your needs. Instead, Pizarro suggests phrasing your follow-up with confidence by asking something like, "Does it make sense to hop on a call for XYZ?" This approach establishes your confidence and shows that you are actively engaged in pursuing your goals.

Three Things You Need to do on Your First Day

Content creator, Erin Mcgoff, highlights three essential actions often overlooked on the first day of a new job. Firstly, she emphasizes the importance of setting a positive tone for your work interactions and relationships from the outset. Secondly, she advises creating a cloud folder to store compliments, awards, and achievements you receive, ensuring easy access to them when updating your resume or preparing for future job opportunities. Lastly, she shares the significance of setting standards and boundaries politely, as it is crucial to establish early on what you can and cannot do within your role.

How to Stand Out in an Interview 

Recruiter and TikTok personality, thatcareercoachcaty, explains that standing out in an interview is not solely dependent on resumes and education. Instead, she encourages candidates to focus on the questions they ask during the interview process. By demonstrating a genuine interest in the company and understanding the role, candidates can stand out. Some questions she recommends asking include: Why is this position open? How is success measured in this role? What is the company's definition of work-life balance? Thoughtful and well-prepared questions can leave a lasting impression and showcase your enthusiasm and dedication.

Landing a Job on OCC

Now that we've explored these valuable pieces of career advice from TikTok, let's apply this knowledge to hopefully land a job on OCC. OCC offers a reliable and comprehensive platform for finding exciting career opportunities. Here's how you can leverage these tips:

  • Confident follow-ups: Use Mari's advice to confidently frame your follow-up communication with potential employers on OCC. Avoid using phrases that undermine your authority and instead showcase your active pursuit of your goals.
  • Setting a positive tone: Apply Erin's suggestion to set a positive tone in your interactions on Outcome Campus Connect. Display professionalism, build relationships, and approach your job search with enthusiasm and positivity.
  • Thoughtful interview questions: During interviews facilitated through Outcome Campus Connect, utilize Caty’s tips to stand out. Ask insightful questions that demonstrate your interest in the company and role, showcasing your dedication and enthusiasm.

Final Thoughts 

#CareerTok is a great resource on social media, especially for new graduates and young people who are beginning to enter the workforce. There is a lot of valuable advice shared on social media that we can use to our advantage as we job search! 

There are loads of new jobs on OCC now - check it out!