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What to Consider Before Using AI for Your Job Application, By: Courtney Crites

It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming integrated into various sectors of our lives, including the job application process. Many companies are using AI tools to streamline the recruitment process and identify the most suitable candidates. However, while using AI tools like ChatGPT can be beneficial to refine your resume and cover letter, it’s important to consider best practices when applying to jobs to increase your chance of success. 

What do recruiters think?

After doing some research, it seems that recruiters’ opinions on candidates using AI vary. Some acknowledge the benefits of using AI tools to enhance job applications, and some disagree. According to a 2023 insights report by HR software company iCIMS, 39% of HR professionals say a candidate’s use of AI during the hiring process is a deal-breaker. Yet, at least 25% of employers themselves are using AI and automation in hiring and recruitment, and more plan to embrace the technology over the next several years.

It’s worth noting that using AI in your job search can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding synonyms or rephrasing things. It’s a helpful tool and resource to use when you need to find keywords, find alternate ways to say things, and present your skills and experiences in the best way possible. 

The consensus

  • Your job application needs to sound like you wrote it. 
  • AI can’t exactly talk about why or how much you want to work at a company. Only you can do that. 
  • Emphasizing AI skills might help you during the hiring process
  • It’s important to be careful when using AI in your job application. There’s potential for it to do more harm than good. 

Do’s and Dont’s

Using AI, such as ChatGPT, in job applications can have its advantages if done properly and with caution. From what I’ve gathered, here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to using AI in your job application:


  • Use AI to brainstorm and refine first drafts of your application
  • Review and edit AI-generated content to make sure it’s accurate
  • Research the company’s use of AI
  • Showcase AI projects and knowledge professionally during interviews
  • Use your judgment to determine ethical AI use


  • Submit AI-generated content without reading through it and making edits
  • Lie on your resume because AI told you to
  • Rely completely on AI to write your application for you 
  • Forget to customize general AI output to fit specific roles
  • Assume recruiters will not detect AI-generated content

Final Thoughts 

We know that AI is transforming the job application process, and by carefully selecting areas in which you incorporate it, you may enhance your chances of getting noticed. 

Carefully consider all of this information before jumping to AI to write all of your applications for you. Good luck with your applications!