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Meet Ariana Calvachi, OCC Student Journalist

As an Ecuadorian living 5,000 km away from home, adapting to new surroundings has been quite a challenge but the first step to my dream of becoming a journalist - a dream I've had since I was a little girl. Journalism is a good fit for my personality because I am ambitious, generous, thoughtful, determined, and calm. I believe in fighting for what you desire, no matter the obstacles.

I´m a full-time student, and I will be entering my fourth year in the fall at St.Thomas University in NB, Fredericton, where I´ll complete my major in Journalism with a minor in Communications. I continue to be motivated by my love of learning and writing. It is my goal to become an outstanding and successful woman in today´s society. I want to become a professional and well-known journalist who empowers the voices of others.

My passion for writing also awakens my curiosity and leads me to explore different fields of knowledge such as arts, science, and history. I dedicate my time to learn from the outside world since it makes me grow and understand the different situations in which people find themselves daily. That's why in the summer of 2019, I was an intern at Diners Club International. In this role, I engaged in a community project while working with Human Resources to better their customers’ experience.

As an artist and writer, I have written several pieces alongside The Aquinian as their reporter - jumping outside my comfort zone to connect with my community. Since the pandemic hit, I have pushed to adapt my journalistic skills online, but even though many challenges presented themselves, I pulled through, and it was worth it.

A new chapter in my career journey is now starting as a part of the Orbis’ OCC Student and Graduate Journalist Team, where I am excited to keep developing myself as a professional. I’m looking forward to exploring my fields of study, connecting with projects to help my community, and gaining experience.