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Content Marketing Trends Dominating 2022, By: Ariana Calvachi

    The social media world is always evolving. In this modern world, the art of posting has become a phenomena - a key tool to build a brand or image. Learning the correct way to generate content and speak to a targeted online audience is critical for strong social media presence.  

   It is challenging to engage with your target audience through social media because it is a highly competitive arena. Due to the saturation of social content from brands and individual, globally, companies can easily hit a wall of doubts and feedback loops.

   In this article, we’re discussing the top social media marketing trends emerging this year and how to harness these tactics to empower your hopeful career in marketing, content, brand ambassadorship. or social media marketing! 

                    1. Brands Go Niche with Content

Going for a more specific audience can increase the probability of brand-building outcomes. Online posts are in competition and so knowing and writing for your audience will increase visibility. Click here to unpack how to get to know your audience and plan niche content - from building personas to writing content that is easy to read for online audiences.

                 2. Voice Search Will Evolve How Content Marketing Sounds

How we speak and how we write can be easily interpreted differently. Having content that adapts to a natural language search will benefit your audience and make them become even more engaged with your content. Voice search accounts for at least 20% of all searching and is growing. Click here to discover ways to optimize your brand's content and copywriting for voice search.

                 3. Diversified Content Methodologies Expands Your Audience

Diversifying how you represent your content keeps audiences engaged and helps build new ones. Try mixing it up with a range of infographics, galleries, videos, podcasts, and dynamic imagery to ensure that your brand doesn't sign its own 'death sentence'.


             4. Don't Be Afraid of Using Live Video & Interactive Content

Although Live Video options available through social media applications like Instagram can be scary to use, in that you are speaking in real-time with your audience, this approach also builds brand trust and has the potential to deepen connection with your followers/brand community. What's more, Live Video and Interactive Content give viewers the comfort that their questions can be immediately answered by you. Click here for some Instagram Live Tips.

           5. AI Powered Marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered content is the biggest game-changing content marketing trend to-date. AI methods can help you discover what people are searching for and create a content strategy that [erfectly captures traffic and consumer interests. For example; Netflix and Amazon suggest things their user might like according to what they previously watched. AI-powered intent analysis ups your content game as it helps you offer content that appeals to the user's intention, thereby improving your online ranking. AI can also help you check if your current marketing efforts are working. Click here to learn more.

        Of course, the basis of any effective content strategy is a good action marketing plan rooted from a company who has clear sense of who they are and, in turn, their audience is. Marketing strategies this 2022 will continue to move forward into a more technological and advanced world, the real question is: Can we keep up?