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What Makes Our Platform Different & How it Will Make a Difference for You

Jun 03, 2022 08:02 PM
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We're well aware that Outcome Campus Connect is not the only opportunity platform but we're doing things differently and in ways that will make a difference for you. This entire platform is built for you and that's what makes it really have influence.

The way that our team approached building this platform is with the intention of giving every university and college student at least one work-integrated learning experience before graduation.

Why does this matter?

Employers want you to have experience to get hired but you can't get hired without gaining experience first, in the majority of instances. This said, there are other platforms who are trying to fill the skills gap and help you get hired but none are doing it quite as holistically, with wraparound support, as we are.

Here's what makes our platform different and why it will make a difference for you:

  • This platform is partners with universities and colleges across the country, which enables employers to post job opportunities through Outcome Campus Connect by specifying which universities or colleges they want to hire from and funneling the opportunity not just onto our live site but into the opportunity platforms of our campus partners, nationwide.
  • The opportunities you see on our platform as put there by hiring managers or recruiters who are building early-talent recruitment pipelines, meaning, more often than not, the opportunity you see is for someone with 3 years of experience or less - a student or recent graduate, like you.
  • Skill development (internships, co-ops, work placements, research projects, etc.) and job opportunities that you see on Outcome Campus Connect are targeted to specific years or fields of study (at specific universities or colleges) so you know that the employer that is hiring on our platform has already been carefully considering the type of talent they bring on (that's you).
  • The opportunities that you see are Outcome Campus Connect are posted by businesses who already align with our vision to support students and graduates, so you can rest assured that whoever hires on our platform understands the journey from student-to-career and is invested in supported the next generation workforce.
  • Employment and Social Development Canada funds this platform so you pay zero fees to use it - OCC is free for all university and college students or recent graduates in Canada.
  • When you apply on our site you're not competing with people with decades' long experience in a specific role, field, industry, or even region. This is a platform made for students and graduates and it works like that too.

Employers are hiring on Outcome Campus Connect now and they are looking for early talent. Who knows? Maybe that next hire is you?!